God of Squirrels – Chapter Eight: Tanita

As a salve to her depressed state of mind, a state Tanita often finds herself in after therapy with Dr. Merkel, she peruses the romance novel covers at Wal-Mart as she waits for the pharmacy to refill her anti-depressant prescription, a new brand with a higher recommended dose and an extremely vague origin of manufacture.

Tanita loves the romance covers. The one in her hand has a man with a broad, masculine jaw, but with lips so sensual they could only be made so with fat injections, and a long flowing mane of hair that would take hours to care for and style to look that good all of the time. Tanita has trouble suspending her sense of disbelief. She fears that if she does, the world around her of cinderblock warehouses with their greasy haired checkers and double coupon specials, will all melt away into unreality where nothing would make sense, a world filled with chimeras with unknown motivations where things happen without cause, where she would be the dog being beaten with a stick without understanding why.

She looks down at the cover in her hand, high on a castle turret above the peasants in the fields below, the romance hero embraces a woman in a passionate kiss. Well, Tanita‚Äôs not a dog being punished, and the romance hero is most likely a total prima Continue reading “God of Squirrels – Chapter Eight: Tanita”