So Long, Captain Kirk

It was irritating but inevitable
when they traded in Captain Kirk
for a younger actor in the reboot.
Even though he was old and puffy,
and the action scenes were all body doubles,
he was my Captain Kirk,
the James T. of my childhood.
Now he’s from a younger generation
and it peeves me that they can’t
come up with their own icons
and instead reuse mine
when Captain Kirk should be allowed
to say so long and goodbye.

Goodbye, Mr. Bond

The current James Bond is my age,
or near enough.
A British tabloid posits
Bond film 24 may be his last.
He’s too old.
Time to trade him in
on a newer model.
This made me realize
that I am now too old
to be James Bond.
The little boy in me
who watched all those 24 films, weeps.
Even the adult in me is disappointed.
If not 007, then what’s left?
Should I model myself after M?